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Surfactants for Skin and Hair Products

The Surfactant Store offers many high-quality surfactants used in the most innovative formulations for skin and hair care products. These are the foundations for your next product. And we’re here to make sure you get things started right!

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This is just what I needed – the right surfactant to go in my new shampoo. And best of all, I got to check it against several formulations here too. I’m glad someone’s doing this.


I read about Poly SugaMulse D9 and wanted to use it in my makeup remover – so glad I found it here. Perfect!


Great products and quick shipping. And I didn’t have to get a barrel of it to start out. Very satisfied so far.

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Surfactant Store has the surfactants you need for a variety of personal care and household products. We also provide a variety of tested starting formulations that you can polish to your own tastes. And we’ll help you get started with reasonable amounts of materials.

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